About Us

For nearly three decades, Pappas on the Square has provided a cultural dining experience. It all started with the unveiling of Pappas in Kelvin in October 1987, by founder Athos Pappas, who saw the need for a family friendly Mediterranean offering, with a leaning towards home-style Cypriot and Greek cuisine. Pappas was the first restaurant to serve the popular steak on a hot rock. Not afraid to adapt to the trends and shifting times, Pappas moved four times over the last 20 years, before settling in Sandton, the business hub of Africa, in 1997.

Athos dreamt of keeping the restaurant as a family business, and did so by handing over the reins to his children, Ria, Evros and son in-law, Charles de Olim, in the late 2000’s. (Athos now resides in Cyprus where he continues the tradition of orthodox priesthood in his family. Papa means priest/father in Greek). While success does not come without sacrifice and long hours, Pappas is a family business that value its staff, which translates in serving patrons with quality, generosity and warmth.

“It is not only an inheritance, but a legacy and a way of life that has been claimed. Our heritage is something that is entrenched in us, it is us." - Ria